Exeter, England

21 Nov

EXETER!!!! Where I go to University and one of the best cities in England (not biased AT ALL.)

Also home to all my amazing friends who are in their final year at University whilst I am gallivanting about in sunny France, not doing much apart from drinking wine, eating and leading an increasingly relaxed French lifestyle. This lifestyle means not ever getting cold, the French love having their heating on from October (it’s getting below 15 degrees sooooo thermals are out in Nice…) Consequently, I landed in Bristol Thursday evening absolutely freezing my arse off (sorry Mum.)
A few days followed of drinking, dancing, feeling cold, drinking some more…

Anyway, the Saturday after a particularly heavy night before, with a casual scone, jam and clotted cream 4am drunken snack. My two friends and I ended up sitting in Weatherspoons at 3pm, about to consume our first meal of the day before heading out in Bristol for another 6am finish. There was only one thing on my stomachs mind – an all day breakfast. And THE best £3.50 spent all day (got to love student vouchers on top of bargain Weatherspoons prices.) As a vegetarian, you may think that I cannot appreciate a full fry up, however if you substitute the sausages with the quorn kind (the only ‘fake meat’ vegetarian food I will eat) and add some grilled halloumi or fried oatcakes to take the place of bacon and there you go, perfect hangover cure/stomach lining preparation. As a result, my mission of the weekend was to bring back vegetarian sausages to France. This ended up with me after having two hours sleep, unwashed with all my luggage waiting for Sainsbury’s to open at 11am when I had a train to catch at 11.06. Desperate times.

I’ve gone all British this week and for a tea with a few friends this week, I have baked some traditional British scones, soaked coffee and walnut cake and some indulgent, gooey chocolate fudge cakes as homage to my flying visit to Great Britain. My cravings for wintrey dishes can be found with my butternut squash recipes. I am still trying to find a good recipe to use with my precious sausages!


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