Galette des rois

11 Jan

At this time of the year you cannot walk into a supermarket, boulangerie or café without being confronted with a huge variety of different galletes des rois. IMAG1030
Originally eaten to celebrate the epiphany, they are now more of the French mince pie – a special gateau only eaten for a few weeks of the year.

Traditionally they are a brioche pie filled with frangipane. However, you can buy ones today that are filled with chocolate cream, salted caramel, topped with chocolate and pretty much anything tasty you can think of!

In the boulangeries of Nice I also have come across rings of brioche topped with candid fruit next to the traditional galletes. A few minutes on Google image trying various combinations of couronne (crown) brioche, noel, rois blah blah I finally figured out that they are a special variety to the South. Even more choice of galettes for me to taste yaaay!

The best part of theses however, (and no, for once it is not the eating!) is that inside the galette is hidden a lucky charm – la fève. And… whoever eats the slice of galette that has the charm inside, is crowned king for the day! I like this power. I’m going to buy one later for Ollie and I… do you think there is any way I can figure out where the charm is hidden?! hehehe
Picture is of all the coronnes in the boulangerie at the end of my road!



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