Farmers market, Nice

13 Jan

If you venture north of the Nice Ville train station (a seldom-practiced activity for tourists and locals alike) and you will come across the biggest open air market in Nice. Hop off at the Libération tram stop and you will find yourself in the middle of the buzzing market. It’s a great place to people watch so before you lug your buys home, sit yourself outside a cafe for ten minutes and observe!





Tens of market traders come down from the hinterland to sell their fresh flowers, seasonal fruit and vegetables, honey, jams, cheese and other produce every day bar Monday. It is a truly huge farmers market – yet a little more rustic and not so middle-class orientated and expensive as the ones we have in the UK. It’s no wonder that it’s so popular with prices that are genuinely cheaper than supermarkets, including the Organic produce stalls.





You can even barter with the stall holders to get a better price – great French practice too! Despite being half asleep during my mission there today I managed to get 3.50Euros worth of parsnips for 1Euro as all the decent sized ones had sold out and all that was left were the skinny, weedy looking ones (I went out to a friend’s housewarming party last night so it was quite an effort to get up and go before the market closes at lunchtime…)
Also near the Place du Général de Gaulle is a small under-cover market selling speciality cheeses, pastas and cured meats. Oh I love being so close to Italy! There is also a fish market on one side of the Place selling fresh produce.
It’s so great that here in Nice most people use the market to buy their groceries. It’s a shame that in the UK it has diminished. Like here in Nice, it would be a win-win situation if we had more of a market culture in the UK as producers could successfully sell their produce at cheap prices (no supermarket middle man!) to a demanding customer base. I love the UK farmers markets and I’m pleased to see that they are being supported more and more. For me however, trips to the farmers markets are a rare treat due to my student budget! IMG_20130113_131239

So, when in Nice, avoid the overpriced, touristy Cours Saleya market in the Old Town although and head here for an authentic French market experience!





One Response to “Farmers market, Nice”

  1. debbie sharp January 13, 2013 at 7:34 pm #

    Parsnips quite rare in france so enjoy! And they wont be frost bitten!

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