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Aix-en-Provence, more markets!

20 Feb

It is the February ‘half term’ for French schools at the moment (you know you’ve grown up when you are the teacher on holiday and not the pupil…) and myself and four other language assistants decided to do a bit of exploring in our local area. With cheap train tickets and hostels, why not!

We decided to pay a visit to Aix-en-Provence, a small-ish town located 45 minutes north of Marseille.

IMG_20130219_193148And they are such contrasts. Whilst Marseille is HUGE, rather rough and run-down, although not without it’s gritty, urban charm, Aix is a picturesque, quite upmarket town with it’s typical Provençal old town area filled with fountains, squares (and in France you cannot have a square without about 10 cafes!) and narrow streets filled with chic boutiques.




What I liked about it the most however, was the trendy feel to it. This is due to the immense student (and of course French Hipsters) population o

f the town, which is great – 2.50 Euro glasses of wine with free tapas is just what I needed after less student-friendly and more touristy prices of Nice!



We had a lovely meal in a cool yet good value bar/restaurant/vintage shop in the old town. You cannot go wrong with a salade de chevre chaud.

And of course, my love of artisan produce was satisfied with a market that spread itself all over the old town, you can see from the pictures what a choice there was!