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Matina – Bristol (Best £4 lunch I’ve ever had)

18 Jul


During a weeks work experience in Bristol, I treated myself to the delights of the various food stalls in St Nicholas’s Market every lunch time (oh this girl knows how to party.)

The best so far (and by far) has to be Matina, a relatively new eatery serving Middle Eastern (Kurdish in particular) Naan bread wraps.

And these are proper wraps! A simple menu is perfect – they are so good no other choice is really required. The lunchtime queue speaks for itself. Handmade, fresh naan breads, cooked to order are filled with a choice of grilled marinaded halloumi and grilled Mediterranean veg, along with meat options of chicken and lamb. They are complimented with shredded red cabbage salad, tomatoes, coriander, pickles and spicy tomato sauce along with a fresh mint yogurt dip and humous.

It was so so so so so so tasty.

And at nothing on the menu over £4.50 you get a lot of tasty food for your money!

Head down for fresh, home made produce for a great value fulfilling lunch