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Tartiflette – discovering even more warming mountain food!

11 Feb


Second trip to the ski resort of Isola 2000, second helping of tasty, rich warming melted cheese and potato variation.

It may not be the healthiest,  the amount of reblochon, camembert, and… tartiflette,  an Alpine cheese that is traditionlly used only in this dish of potatoes, onions, creme fraiche and lardons  Basically a more rustic, hearty dauphinoise.


We had a spinach salad with it to justify eating the whole bowls worth. I dread to think how much saturated fat I consumed but you know,  sometimes it’s the only thing that cuts it up on the mountain in -8C conditions, along with a few glasses of vin chaud of course!


Skiing fuel and mountain food, Isola 2000, Alpes-Maritimes

29 Jan

Last weekend I took my first ever ski trip to Isola 2000, a mere 2 hour bus journey from Nice.

club montagneAs the resort is so close and fares are incredibly cheap it seemed silly not to take up the opportunity to learn to ski. I was doubtful of how everyone seems to rave about how ‘amazing skiing is oh my god you have to go!’ after spending the Saturday hurtling down a mountain unable to stop or turn, shouting ‘PAAARDDOOOON’ to innocent bystanders. Sunday however changed my outlook from being scared and a bit confused to how people enjoying feeling completely out of control speeding down a mountain on two sticks. The technique of shifting weight to turn and stop finally clicked and I spend an amazing (in control!) day skiing down the green runs, relaxing and really enjoying myself (simple pleasure, I know.)

The combination of the spectacular landscapes, blue skies, peaceful silence from the snow, the adrenalin of carving up a mountain, chocolate chaud breaks and of course the wooden mountain-side restaurants complete with log fires has got me hooked.

Skiing and the fresh mountain air really builds up your appetite! For one lunch I fueled up on fresh, wood-fired pizza whilst sitting outside watching people ski pass. For my other lunch I opted for a ‘club sandwich de montagne’ a rustic ancienne baguette stuffed with tomatoes, spinach, gherkins and reblochon – a soft, slightly nutty, strongly flavoured sheep cheese which is a specialty of the Alps.

In every restaurant there were ‘spécialités de montagne’ (literally – specialties of the mountain) which included infamous raclette – a semi-wheel of cheese which is slowly melted and scraped off to cover potatoes, gherkins and varieties of cured meats. It is perfect wintery warming food. I did not have any this time round but when I next go skiing it is on the menu!