If I was a millionaire. I would spend my money on travelling.
Visiting different parts of the world is one of the most interesting, insightful thing the human being can do.

I spend my spare money on weekends away, or save up for more exotic locations. I am a huge fan of spontaneous trips, it makes you feel as if you are going on a proper adventure! Being in Nice, France allows me to travel over the border to Italy to grab some cheap Parmesan, pastas and Italian delights, whilst having the opportunity to try Lebanese to Vietnamese cuisines in the city.

The best place I have visited so far has to be Thailand, my boyfriend and I decided to go last January, we were in the plane on our way 5 weeks later! Even though we were only there for a week (yes I know, all that way for so little time – aaarggghh university!!) it was my first experience in Asia and Thai food OH MY GOD SO TASTY! I have a recipe given to us from a barmaid for an amazing Thai cocktail… it will be posted soon enough!

Apart from Thailand, this year has brought me Eastern European delicacies such as Romanian Zacuska (although in the 40degree heat, the were sadly way too heavy and wintery dishes to be fully appreciated!)

I can’t wait to see where else I’ll end up this year!

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