My recipes

I am a huge fan of baking, comfort food on a Sunday night, healthy food (it’s a challenge but achievable to pack flavour into super healthy dishes!) chocolate, avocados (ahhh guacamole…), Mediterranean food (I am quite embarrassingly a massive geek when it comes to olive oil…) and especially finding new and exciting flavours from my travels.

As a student, I have a tighter budget than most, however I still think you can make tasty, exciting dishes that are good for you without having to buy expensive ingredients.

I am a fan of always trying to use as little ingredients as possible, in order to economise and to be able to bring out as much flavour as I can.

One of my favourite things to do is to bake spontaneously on a Sunday, when in France, NO shop is open. As a result, I make sure I have basic ingredients that won’t go off in my cupboard, and find recipes that are suitable for stock-cuboard cooking!

With travel, comes new food (and drink!). It is actually one of my favourite things (or even THE favourite thing) about travelling. I always try and eat a speciality of a region, and get inspiration from the spices and methods of cooking to use in my own dishes at home.

I always try and cook with instinct, ALWAYS taste your food when cooking, if you think it needs more seasoning, then add some! If your cake batter looks to thick – add a splash of milk! If your bread is burning before it’s time to take it out the oven, take it out!

I hope you enjoy trying my recipes as much as I like them 🙂

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One Response to “My recipes”

  1. catherine thomas November 8, 2012 at 9:32 pm #

    Can,t wait for your next blog .what about some Christmastime French cooking ideas ?

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