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Urban Burger – Exeter

9 Aug


It was the last Sunday of grad week. I’d frequented the grad ball the previous night. It was 2pm Sunday and I had not eaten anything yet. Hunger was raging.


I was craving some carby, salty yet healthy-ish food (yes I am a weird hungover) and thought a great bet would be a relatively new restaurant to Exeter – Urban Burger. I’d been before which…  was a weird experience. Ollie and I were the only ones in the restaurant, which I know didn’t set the ambiance off, however we were surrounded by very clichéd fake 90’s graffiti decor, whilst smooth jazz echoed through the restaurant. We didn’t hang about. Nonetheless  the food was pretty good! We both agreed a takeaway would be better – especially with a great 15% discount on eat-in prices.


I opted for the ‘Aphrodite’ (God knows about the name) wrap hit the spot –  Grilled Halloumi, rocket, tomato, red onion, hummus, grilled peppers, courgette, aubergine, Tzatziki. deee-lish.


THE best Hummus in Nice

13 Nov

So last night Ollie and I walked around the corner from our apartment to check out Le Socrate, a Lebanese restaurant that according to Trip Advisor, is currently rated the 7th best restaurant in Nice. Bearing in mind there is over 900 restaurants, this is an impressive feat. After reading an article on the food in Beirut in Ollie’s ‘Esquire’ magazine (guilty pleasure of mine… they are just so insightful into the male mind!) I decided needed a fix of decent, authentic hummus and falafel. I must admit, the only hummus I have eaten (it has been a fair few gallons…) has been the supermarket kind, albeit the alternative ‘lime and coriander’ or ‘jalapeno pepper’ Sainsbury’s finest.

My favorite type of meal is that of small but perfectly formed dishes that compliment each other. For a great selection of different things, it’s usually time consuming and costs much more than your average meal. As a result, these meals are rare occasions (I got a bit too over excited about telling Ols about how much I love my family’s vast Boxing day buffet with cheese and biscuits and hundreds of nibbles and salads and smoked salmon and… OH MY GOD I LOVE FOOD. Anyway, got way too excited I dropped a great blob of hummus onto my lap – such a waste.)

However, for the 20 euro ‘Menu Socrate’, you receive a selection of mezze’s including homemade hummus, Lebanese mousakka (nicer than it’s Greek counterpart to be frank), falafel, taboulé, 3 deep fried pastry parcels (sambousek) each filled with either sheeps cheese and spices, spinach and lemon or minced meat, a delicate parsley, tomato, lemon and cous-cous salad; marinated roast chicken thigh, olives and a red pepper spread with walnuts and garlic – very spicy, eat in one of the warm flat-breads provided with salad and hummus!

It was DELICIOUS – and all for 20 euros!

To finish, we had a plate of  Baklawa – 3 bite-sized desserts – a homemade square of orange-y, nutty Turkish delight and two different nut-based pastries covered in icing sugar; a dish of Mouhalabia – a refreshing, milky, light panna-cotta type desert, lightly flavoured with orange flower and pistachio; and freshly brewed mint tea, a welcoming digestion-aide after the amount we had consumed.

Apart from the food, the one thing we both noticed was the difference in service compared to most French restaurants. You don’t expect any pleasantries (not that I am complaining – the French just generally like to be efficient without the need for chit chat – fine by me!) However, the friendly service was a positive experience compared to our usual meals out.

I tried making falafel once, and it ended up falling apart as it was way too chunky and dry. What seems to be such a simple dish is exceptionally hard to get right. I am embracing a trial and error attitude and I am going to re-attempt to make falafels as good as the ones from Le Socrate. I may even have a go at making my own hummus and other Lebanese bites of deliciousness at this rate… Watch this space!